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Discovering the perfect fit for your HeelSnaps® is based on an analysis of 35,000 foot scans.

The HeelSnaps® sizing is not based on conventional shoe sizing, but shoe sizes can be a good guide. Please see chart #1 for quick sizing. To enhance customer satisfaction and minimize returns, we recommend a simple yet effective “enhanced” sizing method. 

Place your bare feet on a sheet of paper and mark a dot on each side at the widest point of your heel. Measure the distance between the two points. If the measurement is less than 61mm , that corresponds to (Size 2). For measurements falling between 61-71mm, opt for (Size 3). If the distance exceeds 71mm, (Size 4) is the ideal choice. This approach proves particularly helpful for individuals with smaller shoe sizes but wider feet, as the heel measurement facilitates a well-informed size selection.